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Take a leaf out of Poppy’s book

As novelists we try to create a credible illusion of reality: things happen because things happen, a causal chain of events along an imaginary timeline. And after many years of arranging narrative plot we begin to believe that’s the way things really do happen. That effort leads to success, that good habits lead to better…
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What does the new novelist really, really want?

So you signed up  … or almost did … to the latest Faber Academy six-month ‘Writing a Novel’ course? Or joined me in Spain for the Literary Consultancy’s Literary Adventure? Or emerged triumphant from one of the summer Five Day Short Story courses? Well done – even for that moment of serious consideration. Out of…
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To blog or not to blog?

A question to Ask Shelley from Peter, who wants to know whether ‘writing a blog can be considered a good playground for developing a writing style/voice?’ There are three issues to consider here: What is a blog? Do writers need the frivolity of a playground? Is ‘writing style/voice’ a product of nature or nurture? A…
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A novel by 2020? Top ways to make it happen

It’s that time again – the summer is coming to an end and there’s the panicky feeling that AGAIN the great novel you’d resolved to write in January is nowhere near finished. Or hardly started. Or maybe it’s still just an ephemeral gleam in your eye … Don’t beat yourself up. Guilt and remorse won’t…
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That vital opening line

This piece is not only about openings, it IS the opening shot in the Faber Academy’s SUMMER 2014 BLOG TOUR, which kicks off on the lively DOT SCRIBBLES site. Here it is for the homebodies: How far can an enticing opening line go towards selling your novel? In the innocent days when writers were advised to…
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Ask Shelley comes to the Faber Academy Blog

You want to write a novel? Write it! Shelley offers advice to writers-in-waiting over at Faber Academy. To read the whole article visit the Faber Academy Blog… You want to write a novel? Stop dreaming. Do it. Once, many years ago, I found myself at a party heavily populated by fellow journalists. I’d recently made…
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