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Writing Your First Novel: A 60-Minute Masterclass


Setting about writing a novel is like starting to climb a mountain with its top lost in the clouds. You can imagine the view from the summit, but how do you identify the best ascent? Novel writing requires planning, commitment, perseverance and the belief that you can reach the peak… even if you don’t yet know all the steps along the way. ‘Writing Your First Novel’ is the companion that will tell you what you need to know in order to begin your journey. Full of insight and wit, it combines expertise on how to successfully bring your story to the page with advice on the practicalities of how to get started in the first place… and how to keep on going until the end. ‘Writing Your First Novel’ covers: + Creating Believable Characters + Making Your Characters Talk + The Importance of Setting + Finding the Plot + Who Tells the Story and How? + Settling Down and Making It Happen + Sustaining Your Momentum

Publication Details:

Published: June 7, 2014
Publisher: The Guardian
Book Type: ebook

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