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Writing Short Stories: A 60-Minute Masterclass


A good short story seems effortlessly achieved, almost as though it has emerged fully formed out of the page. It feels natural, authentic and – best of all – it’s short, which can make it appear an easy option compared to the much longer haul of its extended literary cousins. But as highly experienced writers will tell you, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

‘Writing Short Stories’ will help you to make the most of the truncated form. When you have a limited number of words to play with, how do you achieve the richness and depth of character and plot that you want? How can your short story be more than just a very, very brief novella? And most importantly, how do you craft a short story that leaves your reader wanting more – but feeling that your short story has achieved its fullest potential?

+ Definitions and dimensions
+ Ideas and where they come from
+ Creating believable characters
+ The importance of setting
+ Constructing a compelling narrative
+ Who tells the story and how?
+ Things to look out for when editing your short story

Publication Details:

Published: February 19, 2015
Publisher: Guardian Books
Book Type: ebook

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