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The Last Honeymoon


Judith Goldman arrives at All Seasons, a hideously vulgar honeymoon hotel in the Cotswolds, with the intention of ending her life. Arthur, whom she married as a sacrifice to please her father, reveres his mother Gertrude, who rules her men folk with a rod of iron and keeps them docile with excessive quantities of food.

Arthur is well meaning but quite unable to cope with his wife’s emotional complexities.

On the brink of suicide, Judith decides to make one last effort to analyse her unhappiness. She blackmails her family into joining her at All Seasons for a serious conference on marriage. On three marriages in particular – the flawed and foundering one between her an Arthur, the supposedly heaven-sent match of the senior Goldmans, and the relationship between her father Solomon, a retired kosher butcher, and his late wife.

“Brilliant parody … and enough psychological insight to give the characters three dimensions.”
Sunday Telegraph

“Shelley Weiner writes with a dry wit, a keen observation of the everyday lunacy of simple folk, and a film-maker’s eye for the visually absurd.”
Maureen Lipman, Jewish Quarterly

“A tenderly amusing novel in which lack of believability is a farcical plus.”
The Mail on Sunday

Publication Details:

Published: 1992
Publisher: Constable
Book Type: ebook
Book Format: Kindle/Hardback
ISBN 10: 0094713200
ISBN 13: 978-0094713208
Kindle ASIN: B0084N274W

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